Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Events

I did work on a new stain glass this month to replace one Jimmy does not want to leave behind when we sale the house. The photograph here is it after it was installed above the pantry door in my kitchen. Jimmy wanted to keep the daffodil stained glass that was there. My favorite that we are leaving are the 3 iris pieces that make up the transom between the dining room and the living room. Jimmy and I made it together, Jimmy does not work on stained glass anymore. He has decided he didn't enjoy it as much as woodworking. Unfortunately, we haven't quite figured out how to take that one out. And naturally the restoration is staying, it was installed before the house was bricked, and it would be MAJOR to take out. That one is not quite as sentimental as the others.

UPDATE  5/22/2012:  We didn't sell the house, and have since changed the stain glass above the pantry back to the daffodils.  This piece is currently available for purchase.