Saturday, February 20, 2016

Picot Bind Off

I have designed several shawls with a Picot Bind Off.
So I decided it was time to assist others in using the Picot Bind Off.

I always use the next larger needle for the bind off.
For this example I am using the Audrey's Shawl.
It is a worsted shawl designed for a child.
The shawl is knit with a US8 (5 mm) and I used a US9 (5.5 mm) for the bind off.

Even when knitting a shawl with fingering weight yarn, 
I use one size larger needle for the bind off.

First you bind off 2 stitches as you normally would.
Then you slide the stitch from right hand needle to the left hand needle.

Insert the needle between the two right most stitches on your left needle. 

Pull the yarn through.

Place on the left hand needle, without twisting. 

Repeat to add the second cast on stitch. 

Should have 3 loops separated from the other stitches on the left hand needle.

Bind off 5 stitches. 

I give the picot a tug. 

Place the remaining stitch on the left hand needle,
repeat the process until you bind off all the stitches.

When I am sitting I am knitting.
I hope you will join me in the Ravelry Heirloom Goods
knitting group.