Thursday, December 22, 2011

Teenage and Adult Size Fairisle Earflap Hats

A few on my fairisle designs. This first one is the largest I have knit using the cotton tweed DK yarn. The cotton tweed is knit with US5 needles. This hat is 128 stitches around. This was a custom order. Love the colors.
Next is another custom order, yep, they picked the colors.
This one is for an 11 year old, she wanted neon, but I don't have any neon yarn. Bright is the next best thing. This one is 120 stitches, as most of the rest of them are. The 120 stitch hats fit most teenagers and adults.
Next Lindsey (daugher-in-law) is modeling another 120 stitch hat.
The design on this one is a little more simple
(one of my first original fairisle designs).

The next one is an 'open' heart design.
Different fairisle heart design than I did here in a cap without earflaps.

Although it does not look like it, the red/black and the purple/green hats are the same design. One is using only 2 colors, while the purple one is using 4 colors. Notice on the red/black one I did not make the ties the standard length. Since it was a gift to an 11 year old I didn't think she would be tying them anyway. Just being different. Oh, and these are also the same design as the hot pink one above. Color changes the whole look. The heart design above also has the short tie, but only one on each side where the red/black one has two on each side (as you can see).
This one (also being modeled my Lindsey) is knit using Encore Worsted, so the stitch count on it is different because of the larger needles.
And this last one was a custom order, with it I used Simple Soft. Love the feel of this one, and love the way the navy and white looks together. This one was to match a school uniform.
Now back to a new design for a new fairisle hat.
You never know what you will see here, so come back to visit soon.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Little girl dresses (jumpers)

I got my little girl dresses (or jumpers this time of year)
back today from the shop in Gatlinburg.
Yep, I just went up there and got them.
He is re-locating, so he isn't even open right now.
I have 4 of them for sale, just in time for Christmas.
3 - 6 months I have in the green and the pink, $ 33.00 each
Purple / 6 - 9 months, $35.00
Green / 12 months - 24 months, at $38.00

They all have the eyelet flower, and a very full ruffle.
The prices listed include tax. Shipping is $5.00.
Please contact me at if you are interested.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Moebius Eyelet Cowl - Pattern Now Available.

These are various photographs of the moebius cowl I designed.
This cowl does match the
Ruffled Cuff Eyelet Fingerless Gloves that I designed.
The first two photos are knit with Berroco's Ultra Alpaca Fine.

The third photograph is knit with Classic Elite's Alpaca Sox.
The fourth photo is knit with Frog Tree's Pediboo.
All four are so different, and I like them all.
Hard to decide which I like the most.
Although it is hard not to say the number one is the Pediboo.

I have been struggling with local test knitters (not everybody wants to knit what I need a test knit on), so I turned to Ravelry for test knitters for this cowl pattern. I am very pleased how that went. I asked for four test knitters and gave them 2 weeks to finish the item. All 4 test knitters were totally completed and gave their feedback within 10 days

So now the pattern is available on Ravelry.
One of the local yarn stores has ordered 10 patterns,
with plans of teaching a January class using my pattern.

Oh, and the 2nd one was sold as soon as I finished it.
The last one was sold with the matching gloves.