Monday, June 10, 2013

Scottsdale Faroese Shawl

 I began designing and knitting this shawl in October 2012.  About the time I completed the first design/knit I was diagnosed with cancer.  Over the next 5 months while having chemotherapy I changed the design and knit 4 shawls before I was totally happy with the design and handed the pattern to 5 great test knitters.  As usual they all did a great job of testing my pattern for me.  Both of these shawls are the 4th (and final) design.  The purple shawl is knit with Heritage Silk Paints by Cascade Yarns.  The shawl below is knit with part of 6 skeins of November Gradiance, called The Unique Sheep Green Sheep Fingering. I knew I would not use enough to get to the bottom colors if I used all of each skein, and I wanted to get some of all the colors in.  One of the test knitters called this shawl a celebration of life due to my design timing, and after chemotherapy and surgery I am now cancer free, so it was so perfect that she said that about my design.

This shawl is designed with shoulder shaping (hence the name Faroese), so the shawl just sits on your shoulders.  Although my husband designs shawl pins I never use one with this shawl design.  I don't need it.
I am happy to say this pattern has been my most popular pattern so far.  Hard copies are currently available in 2 local East Tennessee yarn stores, and it is also available through Ravelry, here.

Never worn a shawl, now is the time to try it.  You will be amazed how much you will enjoy wearing, and the compliments just keep coming.

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