Thursday, June 23, 2011

My new knit designs

I have been designing this summer, while at home getting the repairs completed from all the damage caused during the storms 4/27/11.
Audrey modeling her suntop and then her sundress. The sundress pattern is with a test knitter right now in hopes of selling this pattern.

I have also been designing lace gloves. The teal pair has a ruffle at the cuff.
Not sure I am going to publish this pattern, but it is also
with a test knitter right now.

The cream colored lace gloves, is a different pattern.
The stitch is called drooping dayflower, which instantly caught my eye.

I took the drooping dayflower stitch and designed a glove around it.
This pattern has already been with the test knitter,

and the pattern has been added to Ravelry for purchase.
And I sold my first pattern within 24 hours.
If you are a Ravelry member click here for the link to the pattern.
Ravelry does require a login, if you are a knitter and don't
belong you should join, it is free.