Monday, February 10, 2014

Smoky Mountain Moebius Cowl

I find the moebius cast on to be very addictive.  
When I knit a moebius cowl I want to knit another one.

As you can see I did knit this one several times,
even before I handed the design over to test knitters.
I designed this one with a simple eyelet that gives it 
a lacy design without much concentration while knitting.

 Some of my test knitters made more than one also.  
The ones here were all knit by me and 
are being modeled by my daughter-in-law, Lindsey.

The hardest part to learn about Moebius cast on is that the knitting is growing from the middle of the design out.  You are not knitting from one end or the other.  Another tip for the first time moebius knitter is to be absolutely sure you have gone around the moebius the full circle.  To assure this it is best to add a marker and until the marker is back at your needle tip you have not completed the design.  This was the hardest for me as a new moebius knitter.  I thought when I got back even with the marker, although it was on the cable below my knitting, I had completed a full repeat of the design.  After having to remove stitches ( a LOT of stitches) I didn't make that mistake again.   

I named this pattern, the Smoky Mountain Moebius, because I live so close to the Smoky Mountains.
The pattern is available in my Ravelry store.