Sunday, October 23, 2011

3 different Lace Gloves

The first gloves are knit with 'Alpaca Sox',
I love the feel of this yarn, and the color.
This pair is the first lace pattern I ever designed,
but not the first pair I knit by the pattern.
The black pair is knit by the same pattern
but I shortened it at the knuckles.
Still gave it the same finished edge thumb.

The last photo is also my own design,
but I probably won't sell this pattern.

I consider the actual pattern a work in progress,
although the gloves did turn out fine.
I named this pattern "Exa Elizabeth" after
my Granny Sorrells. This pair of gloves
is knit with Berrocco's Alpaca Ultra Fine.
Which is the same yarn I used for my first
Moebius Cowl pattern (several post below).

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