Saturday, July 5, 2014

Adding pocket to purse

This blog post is about adding a pocket to a hand knit purse,
after finishing the knit of the purse but before felting the purse.
For this demo I am using a purse with a different color stripe to assist in the addition.

First, you need to find the middle 27 stitches (or the number you wish to use)
and mark with stitch markers.  If you mark to the right of the most right stitch and
to the left of the most left stitch you will have 28 stitches marked.

From the inside of the purse, using a crochet hook, pull the yarn through
a space one row up and 1/2 stitch toward the middle of the purse.

Pull about 24 inches of the yarn to the inside of the purse.

Go to the right side of the purse and directly below the
stitch marker you placed insert the crochet hook. 

Pull the yarn through to the outside of the purse.

Place the yarn on a double point needle,
the same size needle as your original project.

Continue in this manner.
As you continue be careful to move over a full stitch and not a half stitch.

After I have about 10 stitches on the double point
I transfer them to a 24 inch circular needle.

I continue until I have all 28 stitches on the knitting needle.
Notice the original pull through is above the row.

Turn the purse.

Purl the first row, and all the odd number rows.

Knit the even number rows to create stockinette.
40 to 50 rows is a good number of stockinette rows.
End with a WS knit row, RS knit row, and WS knit row.
Bind off knitwise.  Sew the pocket to the purse before felting.
Height of pocket before felting was 9 1/2 inches.

And the photo after felting.
This pocket I knitted 50 rows of stockinette;
ending with 3 rows of garter stitch.
Height of pocket after felting was 5 1/2 inches.

I do felt my items to the point of no stitch definition showing.
When I design felted items I use US10 (6.5mm) needles 
with one strand of yarn.
I used a H (5mm) crochet hook for this demonstration. 

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